~New Products Line for Farbic, Wantea Were Increased~



 Company profile 

WaterCom System Corp a professional computer company, with 10 years experience in manufacturing memory modules, SDRAM, DDR  and distributing
Intel, AMD CPU, is a global high-tech company to supply a full line of excellent quality computer products. This line compatible with the industry
standards, including a complete of array of Integrate Circuit, SDRAM chips, DDR  modules, SDRAM modules , DIMM modules, AMD, Intel Processors.

Equipped with years of manufacturing and global marketing experience, WaterCom provides customers a better choice with quality to the complicated often risky high-tech business. When you choose WaterCom products, you get more than hardware but also get solutions and service. WaterCom gives you more features to like-versatility, reliability, and one more thing that will benefit you needs: The Reasonable prices.

Moveking the  brand name was highly promoted and was approved by JEDEC manufacturer under ID number, 1 Decimal (bank seven)  0000 0001 Binary, 01 HEX.    WaterCom guarantees customer satisfaction by providing both excellent service and products of highest quality, Contact email address for details at watercom@ms23.hinet.net, sales@watercom.com.tw

Affiliated Companies:
- Apte Int’l Corp., Taipei
- WaterTek Ent. Ltd
- Apte Thailand, Bangkok
- WaterCom Int’l Ltd. H.K.
- Partner Cooperation: 
WaterCom System Corp
Established date: Mar 25,1996
Overseas Office: Taiwan, H.K., Thailand

Business Goal: To build a solid relationship with our customers for taking more benefit for each other.

 Company Development 

Market has been changed quickly nowadays. WaterCom acted as a leading marketing brand for manufacturer of memory modules in the area that won't be enough. To meet the rapid changes of market and customer needs, the  marketing will conduct the trading business as customers request, not only in the IT field  for the demanding of market but also for the new markets as fabric products and Wantea of Taiwan tea. New product lines were established in recent and will be expanded as planning.

In the future, as a strategic business objectives to get long term development for the enterprises, WaterCom will engage in the business of product design and quality, computer aided design, animation,  manufacturing assessments and quotes, research and development, technology sourcing and allied activities.

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